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It was a little longer than ten years, when two of my family members passed away almost the same time. I lost my father and my brother, both of who died after relatively a short period of hospitalization. It was my mother whose sprit was tormented beyond my imagination. What can I do, I asked myself. One of the things, I thought, that I can do is to spend time with her somewhere away from Tokyo. 

After visiting oversea countries, such as Vietnam, the US, Bali island etc, we arrived eventually at Taiwan. I did know nothing about Taiwan, except for it was a colony of Japan for 50 years before WWII, and some other IT staff made in Taiwan. Anyway, my mother, my wife and I started traveling Taiwan quite often about seven years ago, and we all have become Taiwan lovers, almost instantly, probably in the first visit.

There is always a new discovery in our visit to Taiwan, as most tourists expect in Taiwan. We do like visiting new places and trying foods new to us. However, something that keeps us so much attracted to Taiwan is not a new discovery. Our trip to Taiwan is something like we find something lost, lost in Japan for years years. For me, it is like a trip to my childhood or even time space when I did not exist but somehow I feel I can recall. For my mother, it is more intense. She can find in Taiwan something her generation has completely lost and now started missing them, people’s intimacy, closeness, hospitality, frank-kind-honest spirit in people.


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From left clockwise; 水里蛇窯, A dish at a Tainan local restaurant, An old theater or a school? 水里蛇窯

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The video below is a test video clip for this blog site, and has very little to do with the blog contents. We were on the MRT in Taipei and the all the noises here sound pretty comfortable to me. A chaos in comfort? Any way this will soon be replaced with something more suitable to this blog.

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